Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Name Weekly - Upcoming Events

Hello there EVERYONE!!!!

Yes, I know I missed last weeks update and I am day late with this one. Give me a break. I just got married. It messes it with your head sometimes. LOL

So, I am basically making this one short and sweet, by just giving you the run down of what events are going on this week. We have added a couple of new ones as well.

More information about the following events can be found under the Friends of No Name tab and on the Homepage of the website (

Also, if you have any updated flyers you would like to have added to the site please contact me (Circe).


Ether - Tonight at the Karma Lounge - It's Free

Absolution - Every Friday at UC 87 (downstairs) - $8 with a flyer/ $10 without

The Red Party - Friday, February 19th at the Orchard - $5

Defcon - Every Saturday at Pyramid - $6

Elfheim - Every Monday - Canceled until further notice

Dark Water - Every Tuesday at Otto's Shrunken Head - It's Free

In Medias Res: A Benefit for Haiti - Wednesday, February 24th at the Sullivan Room - A donation of $20 is suggested (but not mandatory).

If you want to be a Friend of No Name, hit me (Circe) up and send me a flyer and a link to your event. We can have it up, just ask. =P

~ No Name

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